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The e-Stall Guard

Our Flagship product is the e-Stall guard & Sensor. It is a great solution and training item discouraging any unwanted behaviour or just getting the animals attention away from whatever they may be conducting. 


Like any stall guard it sits behind the stable door either open or closed and upon first contact, usually by investigating by a sniff or rub or leaning into they will in turn get a pulse from it as they would from an electric fence out in the field.   Once the e-Stall guard is disconnected from any electric source you can clip the ‘decoy’ sensor over the top of the e-Stall guard in the centre or in a position you think ideal, and once switched on it will within a short distance when approached start imitating the noise of an electric fence energiser.


An easy installation process and also portable to take away with you to shows or events.  


It is a handy bit of kit to use in whatever unwanted behaviour you wish to use it for. You can find instructions here.

Please note this product has a patent pending

You can also purchase energisers for your chosen system below. There are details on how to set these up within the instructions page.


We are a company all about Solutions. Manufacturing products, sourcing materials, textiles and other products that all have solutions to help go about daily life. Find below some products that aim to make life easier in all areas of working with animals or general day to day chores or life in general. 

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