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Our Flagship product the e-Stall guard & Sensor has a patent pending.  


Like any regular stall guard our e-stall guard is hung behind the stable door.  Upon first contact by the horse, usually by kicking the stable door or investigating by a sniff, rub or leaning into,  they will in turn get a pulse from it as they would from an electric fence out in the field.   Once the e-Stall guard is disconnected from any electric source you can, if you wish, use the ‘decoy’ sensor.  


Our e-Stall guard can also be used at a higher level at the door to prevent cribbing or weaving if your doors do not allow the e-crib guard to be draped over.   An easy application process and portable to take away with you to shows or events and prevents damage to your stable door.  
Has also helped horses with anxiety issues such as box walking & rearing anxieties.
(see testimonials).


Our Decoy Sensor mimics the sound of an energiser that you use for electric fencing.  It is designed to trick and train the horse into thinking that the e-stall guard is switched on.  You can either place it over the centre of the e-Stall Guard or fix it via adhesive hook and loop to a surface.  When approached within 25cm the decoy will activate with the sound of the energiser.  


Other areas of use for the decoy sensor have also been proven in areas such as audible reminders or procedures.  It has a multi-track playback and you can record into it or download your own MP3 file to play speech, music or sound effects.  It can also raise attention with an audible warning for restricted or hazardous areas.  Can also be used in Novelty situations or with pets training. 


We also make the e-Crib guard which discourages crib biting once hung over or in front of a stable door and the e-Stallion drape which can be hung or draped at the top of walls or railings to stop interaction with the neighbouring horse.  This is especially useful when staying away at events in temporary stabling. The e-guards also make a very neat regular stall guard or stable curtain/drape without the use of the pulse. 


e-Stall Guard & Decoy Sensor

  • The e-stall guard has also been a game changer from hanging on the back of walls or around a perimeter of chosen areas that you wish to deter behavioural issues from.  Ideal for Stallions, home and away, sheep, cattle etc.   It resolves many issues in keeping everything intact before and after your show preparation and also breaking annoying habits such as tail and mane rubbing and so by breaking the cycle and training your four legged friend not to rub if susceptible to sweet itch or other issues.  

    Perfect in many stable, outdoor environments and professional yards where grooms that live on site can have a peaceful nights sleep or lie in on their day off and not having to make early breakfasts even earlier!   It also saves issues where your horse may be on box rest and will prevent further injury.  

    Please take a look through our website and see what other products will help you with your Naughty Nag Solutions or Agri-Solutions.  If you don’t see it please let us know and we will endeavour to solve your problem. 

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