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The Rutland ESD1600 Dual Powered Battery & Mains Fence Energiser is an effective DUAL fence device for Temporary/Permanent fencing solutions.


This dual-powered energiser provides a handy solution for electrifying fencing with short fences and low vegetation. This energiser is 1.6J.



  • For short fences and low vegetation
  • Function indicator to show faults
  • Battery warning display
  • Solar support possible
  • The latest electric fencing technology – microprocessor controlled
  • Optimised power consumption thanks to energy-saving mode
  • Deep discharge protection with 12V operation
  • All fence units are certified to European standards
  • Can be operated by a solar module



  • 1 x 230 volt power pack
  • 1 x 12 volt connection cable
  • 1 x fence connector cable
  • 1 x ground connector cable

Rutland ESD 1600 Dual Power Energiser Mains / Battery


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