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Give your clothes a new lease life by quickly removing all the lint without causing any damages to the fabric, whether it's wool, cashmere or any other materials, this lint remover is the best and most effective lint remover you can buy. 
The lint remover uses no plastics, it's made of natural material using a wooden handle, steel frame and a copper head ensuring the tool is 100% eco-friendly and lasts forever. 
No motors, no batteries, just 100% natural and effective lint removal. 
You don't need any sticky tape or adhesives, the lint remover gathers the lint on the head and you simply remove it and you're ready to go again. 


The lint remover has a pure copper head, this will ensure that it lasts forever. It will remove pet hairs, lint from all fabrics, car seats, curtains, carpet, sofas, upholstery and much more without leaving any signs of wear and tear and ensures your fabrics look like new. 


Use on Low Density Knitted Garments e.g. Cut Out Knits is not recommended

Lint Removal Scraper


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