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My name is Patsy Bartram and I run a small dressage yard in Derbyshire.  I have trialled the naughty nag system and found it to be a very helpful piece of equipment in my yard.


If you have a horse that constantly kicks the door or walls, not only is it irritating but what concerns me more is the long term damage the horses can do to themselves. 


I found the guard to be super efficient and after the start up, the horses became very respectful without it being switched on.  This product is highly recommended!

Patsy Bartram - Grand Prix Dressage Rider

I recently purchased Naughty Nag Solutions e-Stall Guard and I couldn't be happier with my decision.  This product has exceeded my expectations in every way.  Its quality is Top Notch, and it has made my daily life so much more convenient.

Julian Mincher Equestrian Showjumper

WOW what can I say!! We had the absolute pleasure of meeting the naughty nags team very recently and were shown some amazing products.

  1. Absolutely amazing piece of kit, the stall guard...if you have a door kicker or crib biter this is the product for you!! prevent those legs from being damaged almost instantly with the stall guard and stop unwanted crib biting with the drape.

  2. Secondly the boot covers stop that annoying hay,straw ,shavings from filling your boots with the simple but effective boot cover.

  3. The fab fish knife...cuts through even the most densely wrapped haylage bales,shaving bales etc

  4. And not forgetting the hose holder. ever gone to fill your water buckets up with a hose and it won't stay put or fall out when you walk away? Well this is the product for you!! keeps the hose in place and makes the job hands free......I cannot recommend it enough!!

Honestly these amazing products have made my jobs a lot quicker and I will recommend them to any of my equine friends

100% recommend

Abby Bowen

Naughty Nag Solutions is a quick and effective way to improve the manners of your horse on the ground, whether it be barging at stable doors, crib biting or nipping.  Some of my clients have found it particularly useful, and subsequently found the horses easier to handle during treatments in their stables.  

Chloe Cashmore  MRCC, LRCC (Animal)

Balance and Motion sports & Veterinary Chiropractic Ltd

I was honestly still a bit skeptical after we fitted the guard but I have to say I have been so so impressed with it! One of my top purchases. He ended up moving stables shortly after we met to be next to my mare, and the first day she went out I hadn't had a chance to drill holes for the insulators (different stable material) so he was left without it and was going nuts in there. Getting his legs over the door, partitions, back wall! Drenched in sweat when I came back up, had clearly been very stressed.


I've since been setting the guard up every day when she goes out and he has been 1000x  calmer. He still moves around a bit for the first few mins when my mare goes out but shortly after it's up he calms right down and doesn't sweat up at all when I come back.


I was really worrying about leaving him before but since having the door guard I know he will be fine.  He doesn't seem to test it anymore but I leave it turned on for now just in case. Although starting to leave him without if I'm there to supervise and he's doing okay. Seems to have calmed the rearing right down too even though that's not always near the door, he perhaps thinks it will get him then too!


Very very pleased with it so congratulations on a product that works so well. And thank you for the other bits, love the wellie toppers and the light hat especially!

Emma Throop

I was approached by Naughty Nag Solutions to trial their e-Stall guard as I was known as owning a renowned door kicking horse!  I had in the past tried another product which he had managed to outwit by watching water jets eject the other side of the door for his amusement. 



It's an easy installation process and upon its first contact with my horse,  it’s work was done!  I had a respectful horse who no longer wished to self harm by door kicking any longer and no doubt saved me future vet fees and maintenance repairs to stable doors. I finally had peace!  I could go about making up feeds and hay nets whilst he could see me,  all in quietness. 


It's an easy set up initially to introduce to the horse, and for future usage without electricity you can just hang it via bailer twine or as I do, use some adhesive hooks that sit through the eyelets, meaning I'm not damaging anyone else's stable door by means of drilling etc.   It lends itself as the easiest portable solution to take away with you too.

I wish this product was around years ago. I REALLY recommend this product and in fact any of the products that Naughty Nag Solutions do. It’s so refreshing to have a new Brand that actually has products for a good purpose.  

S. Taylor {incredibly happy horse owner}

Great product I’ve seen tried and tested that saves me time putting shoes back on when they kick the walls and doors!  Also saves your horse from getting splints!

DWCF - Registered Farrier 
Graeme Fiddes

Anyone hate door kickers? I know I do. It drives me insane when the yard is nice and settled and then that one starts booting the door for no apparent reason. Or do you have a horse that windsucks? Cribs? Then this is the investment you need .. we’ve been lucky enough to have this gifted to us and have been trialling it and the other products over the last few weeks and it’s worked wonders on a horse that wind sucks and also door kicks.

JK Equestrian (Jennie Sharpe)

I highly recommend Naughty Nag Solutions to anyone looking for reliable and effective solutions for any unwanted behaviour from your horse.


Definitely worth every penny!

Double M Stud

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