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Kick the Habit - e-Guards

“Once an animal is established in any neurotic behaviour, it is very difficult or even impossible to eradicate, even if the horse is removed from the situation which prompted the original behaviour.  Therefore, it is vital to be able to recognise the early signs of any vice and stop it before the pattern becomes established. The best treatment in the long run is to allow horses as far as possible to be as nature intended - running free in a social group.“  

(Horse & Hound 3rd Oct 2000)

Unfortunately the above isn’t always possible...So… help us to help your horse. 


Discover our expert techniques with proven effective solutions. Our e-Guards prevent crib biting, windsucking, and other harmful or unwanted behaviours in horses through Trick Training methods.


Our products are simple to use and suitable for all types of yard being easily portable.  Ideal for Biosecurity or isolation solutions and improving behaviour for those on box rest. 


Effective solutions to stop horses kicking walls & doors, and other preventative anxiety behaviours such as box walking and rearing. See our testimonials for examples of how our products have helped others, and could help you!


An Innovative product invented and manufactured in Leicestershire, UK by a livery yard owner who knows the distressing situations these behaviours can cause on a yard.


Help us to help your horse and together we can Kick the Habit! 

Discover tips and techniques with our products to address anxieties in your horse and prevent unwanted behaviours. Click on the products below for more information, or check out our story.

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We are a UK based company all about Solutions. Manufacturing products, sourcing materials, textiles and other products that all have solutions to help go about daily life. We continue with R&D and strive to invent solution products or make existing ones better and source other products we feel complement our own brand.  

Within the agricultural and equine industries you are continually challenged with day to day activities or witness things that you think ‘if only there was something that was available, a product to make a job easier to do a chore or help you to rectify a problem’  We at Naughty Nag Solutions have come up with products that make life easier in all areas of working with animals or general day to day chores or life in general. 


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