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Horse in Stable


The e-Stall Guards, What are they and what do they do?  


Our innovative e-Stall guard, e-Crib Guard and e-Horse Drapes have been proven effective in addressing undesirable behaviours with the use of revolutionary textiles employing trick training methods.


They deter door kicking, crib biting, wall kicking and weaving horses.  These products are especially effective for biosecurity measures and also whilst on stable rest periods under veterinary rehabilitation.


Using revolutionary textile in the form of a regular stall guard to be hung behind a stable door, our flagship product conducts a pulse through the e-Stall guard with the connection to a fence energiser that only requires a very short initial period hook up for the purpose of introduction to the horse.

The horse by investigation will make contact usually by their nose and a reaction will take place.  There is no need to have the energiser connected to the stall guard after introduction as your work is done and no more Kicking!  More importantly no more potential injuries from your horse kicking the door or maintenance to the stable.

This easy portable piece of equipment can follow your equine partner around, home or away, as from here on, it is just a regular stall guard.

We also have a decoy sensor that can be clipped over or near by your e-Stall guard or door that will within a short distance of approaching, imitate the noise of an energiser that will trick the horse into thinking it is on.  From a novelty point of view you can also upload another sound or voice message to take away attention from kicking the door.


We are a UK based company all about Solutions. Manufacturing products, sourcing materials, textiles and other products that all have solutions to help go about daily life. We continue with R&D and strive to invent solution products or make existing ones better and source other products we feel complement our own brand.  

Within the agricultural and equine industries you are continually challenged with day to day activities or witness things that you think ‘if only there was something that was available, a product to make a job easier to do a chore or help you to rectify a problem’  We at Naughty Nag Solutions have come up with products that make life easier in all areas of working with animals or general day to day chores or life in general. 


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